About Special Ed’s Auto

Ed at Special Ed’s is an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Master Technician which means he has completed a battery of rigorous tests and has the extensive experience to reach the “master” certification. This certification gives you the peace of mind of knowing your repair will be done to the highest degree of quality.

Why Choose Us?

Special Ed’s Auto Service has been providing auto repair and maintenance services to the Helena area for over 15 years and we would like to develop a long term customer relationship with you.

At Special Ed’s we’ve combined the best of two worlds: the back-yard mechanic and the dealer’s service department. You’ll receive the honesty, trustworthiness, personal attention, and affordability of a back-yard mechanic. You’ll also receive the experience, training, certification, reliability, and full service equipment of a dealer’s service department. You get all these benefits with virtually none of the drawbacks of either.

Our Ethics

  • We will always be honest
  • We will perform our best work every time
  • We will not recommend unnecessary work
  • We will not perform work without your approval
  • We will always charge a reasonable price
  • We will do everything we can to fix the problem the first time
  • We will complete work in a timely manner
  • We will provide transportation and vehicle drop-off as needed
  • We will “make it right” if we ever make a mistake
  • We will take the time to explain problems and necessary repairs clearly
  • We will do everything we can to accomodate your schedule
  • We will always use the best quality parts available

Our Technician’s/Owner’s Experience

  • Special Ed’s Auto Repair is owned and operated by Ed Simmons
  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Master Technician
  • Over 18 years dealership technician experience with Ford/Lincoln/Mercury/Toyota
  • Over 15 years providing independent automotive services
  • Degree in Automotive Engineering
  • Featured as an expert on television news stations
  • Guest speaker at automotive presentations
  • Ed has been called “the guy you bring your car to when no-one else can fix it.”

About Our Location

Special Ed’s is located on one of Helena’s nationally known water-ski lakes. The shop is located adjacent to the owner’s home, however it offers everything you would expect from a full service shop including a large vehicle bay with lift, state of the art computer diagnostic equipment, and more. For a map, click here.

Getting Started 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash, or Check. The first step is to allow us to provide a written estimate.

Click here for our contact information.


“When a leak developed around my intake manifold, Ed presented me with a choice of approximately $1,200 in repairs or a $4.99 can of stop-leak. Other minor repairs he could have made and charged me up the wazoo, but instead told me what to do and sent me on my way to the parts store. When I couldn’t fix things, he did them quickly and for a reasonable price.”
— CarTalk.com reviewer #25355, 2000

“I took my clunker in to Ed quite a few times for different problems. One time I took it in and when I came to pick it up he told me the repairs would cost more than the car was worth. He said to tell my husband to buy me a new car. I have taken my “new to me car” in for maintenance and always feel like he never does any unneccesary work and is very honest.
— CarTalk.com reviewer #69951, 2005

“We were looking for someone to keep our 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan in good running shape. After going to this site to find a mechanic, we contacted Ed Simmons. He gave us a good evaluation of our vehicle and made referrals for transmission maintainance. He came across as very honest. Visiting with the actual mechanic makes more sense to us than working through the dealership representative. We will go back to him as needed.”
— CarTalk.com reviewer #104065, 2007

“I asked Ed for a second opinion on a transmission problem. A transmission company wanted to charge thousands to replace the whole thing, but Ed was able to fix it with a $100 sensor.”
— Melissa Y. – Helena, MT